“Rikuo” Jun Ikeido <Book Review, Takashi Ichida>

Rikuo Jun Ikeido

Rikuo Jun Ikeido

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"Rikuo" Shueisha 1836 Yen

Jun Iike <Author> Jun Iike Born in 63. He won the Ranpo Edogawa Award for “No Bottoming” in 98, and the Naoki Award for “Shitamachiguchiket” in 2011.

Anxiety of small and medium-sized enterprises on the road without guarantee

Like the best-selling “Shitamachi Rocket” series, this is a story about a small and medium-sized company that aims to develop products using new technologies. This pond well work was also touched by a hot human drama. Why do individual corporate novels not keep falling and attract readers?

Kobazeya, a tabi maker in Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture, is a full-time employee and part-time company with 27 people. It is a long-established store that was founded 100 years ago, but sales have been poor in the course of the times. President Shinichi Miyazawa came up with an idea that he could make a new entry into running shoes by applying his own underground socks.

“It is different from keeping tradition and being caught by tradition. If we break that trap, now is the time.”
Nice words, but the reality is not sweet. Product development has many obstacles and the prospects cannot be opened. There are cooperative banking officers in the new business, but in this case the situation is so severe that it seems more appropriate to judge the supervisor of the bank that is reluctant to lend.

In this work, I felt once again that Ikenoido's work has the power to appeal to readers in the way of drawing in the dark, rather than competing with major competitors. After retiring from a major manufacturer, Takahiko Murano, who works with Kohazeya as an advisor for shoe development, tells Miyazawa, who is in a difficult situation.

“If you decide the way to go, you can only believe in the possibilities and make the most of it. But actually, that is the hardest thing. Believing in things that are not guaranteed.”

Miyazawa's psychological description, which is devoted to product development but is worried about anxiety, is excellent. The fact that a small and medium-sized company without a guarantee has a real appearance in the novel brings weight to the fruit of the effort.

Eventually, the thoughts of developing shoes with the company luck of Zaseya and the thoughts of marathon runners who run through their lives cross. Being able to realize the suffering up to that time has created a profound novel world.

Commentary: Takashi Ichida Source: book.ashi.com

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