Buddhism and ties with illustrations

From Chugai Nippo HP

In Nakano-ku, Kyoto City, selected as one of the “notable illustrators in the world” by German art publishers in 2005Jodo Buddhism Nishiyama Zenrinji School ZuisenjiRyugaku Nakagawa (50) has been in charge of illustrations for many magazines, books and picture books. While gaining international acclaim, he also produces posters for local temples and shopping streets in front of the gates, and through illustrations, works to create opportunities for local people to encounter Buddhism.

The work is based on monotonous lines and colors, has an atmosphere of prints and papercuts, and has held an exhibition called Popn Buddha.


“Originally, Buddha was a pop (popular) thing that was created to capture people's hearts to spread Buddhism, but it is now a heavy and difficult one. I wished I could speak. ''

The turning point was when I was 35. I decided to open a two-person exhibition with my friends and thought, "What is my original?" With the theme of "Buddhism", "Kyoto" and "Ukiyo-e", we changed from handwriting to computer creation and created the current style with a geometric atmosphere.

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