I made A4 paper with postcards that can be torn with a sewing machine. (Pre-order start)

"The round trip postcard doesn't taste anything ..."
“I want to send other pamphlets (event details, venue maps, etc.) together.”
"I want to print the data on the reply postcard and send it- → Use a window envelope to prevent mistakes."
I thought so ... I looked for it, but ...
A little heavier Japanese paper (the postcard will not bend)
I made a postcard size A4 paper with micro sewing machine.
Since it is a corner, we will make more and commercialize it cheaply (sweat)

Currently, while meeting with paper makers, paper wholesalers, and printing companies, we are meeting materials such as paper and envelope shapes.

Of course, it's not easy to do with paper alone, so we're also making a system for making it (for printing).
(However, it is possible to do so-called mail merge printing because it only pulls data from the database to the style.)

I would like to quote some production / envelope companies

(1) Postcards with a postcard will be distributed for about 2000 yen.
(2) Envelopes with windows will be distributed for about 1 sheets. (About 50 sheets 100 yen)

The set product has been priced.
I would like to distribute 100 vertical window envelopes and postcard paper in a set with 7,000 circles.
(★ Full support is provided such as “text design” and “print temple name on envelopes” to ensure that necessary items can be shipped.)

Please apply for purchase from the form below.

★ Can be sent in an envelope with a window.
(* If it is a long 3 envelope, the postcard for reply can be inserted neatly without bending.)

↑ ↑ ↑
This is a print example. In this case, the reply address is printed because it is used for reply.
* Recommended: Inkjet printer

On the front side, you can add the address of the other party = the name of the postcard sender, as well as information about the house, for example, the name of the name, along with the guidance text.

This can be used for various purposes! If you fold it at a postcard line and another place, you will enter a long 3 envelope. Perfect for addressed envelopes! !

  • Information on attendance at events such as weddings, legal matters and travel
  • Application for demon demon tower
  • Ticket etc.

Scheduled to be released in 2016 month
(We are currently considering various forms of paper.→ We are consulting with a paper shop about a little personality and a little thinner than a postcard.
Price undecided.

Postscript: The back sidePayee paymentIt is convenient to print with. An application must be made to the post office in advance.

How to apply:Payee payment approval application (Word file)Please download & fill out the form and consult with your local post office.




★★ In addition, if you make a window envelope with a vertical address, you must ...

I think it would be better to create a “Vertical Window Envelope” in order to put a vertical address.

Standing the envelope, why is it standard to have an address in the lower left ...
(I've always been wondering. I still want to go "Japanese style")


The key here is the template creation.
First of all, we will use it to improve the software.