Soto Souta-san Koshoji Temple

Tree funeral


Koshoji offers three styles of natural funerals: “Tree Funeral Tomb,” “Colorful Flower Tomb,” and “Weeping Cherry Tomb.” This tomb is located in the temperate climate of Minamiboso and the peaceful environment of Satoyama.

The name of the mountain is called Mt. Dazai, and in the era of Emperor Gomon, 100th generation, around the time of 3, the first Kawana family applied for the construction of Koshoji and was founded by Mr. Nanao Kawana It is a temple of Soto Buddhism that was erected around the Eternal Year (1489 to 1558).
The principal is Jizo-an. It is also the 29th bill place Jizo of Awa Kunihachi 108 place Jizo, and the inside of the hall has been visited by many people from ancient times, such as the 21st Kobo Daishi and the 20th Fudasho Daishi, etc. We are welcoming you as a source of faith.

Soto Souta-san Koshoji Temple
299-2203, Yamada, Minamiboso, Chiba

Telephone / FAX (0470) 58-0242

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