Social Talk Program “Time And Tide”

T,Time and tide

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A talk program sent by Hideki Sasaki, a Soto monk from Iwate Prefecture, and Yoshinori Sato, a Zen priest who won the 1 position in the Religion and Spiritual Division.
From local stories in Iwate and Tohoku to world news, guests are invited to talk about various things.

Not only a religious viewpoint, but also information that makes everyday life more enjoyable. This is a talk program that looks like "from the eyes."

2016 year 10 month 6 day vol_27 "I started the Hasunoha monk"

2016 Year 9 Month 29 Day vol_26 "About Travel"

2016 year 9 month 22 day vol_25 "lover's tour" planning

2016 year 9 month 15 day vol_24 “Employment at Mitsubishi UFJ, insect tower !?”

2016 Year 9 Month 8 Day vol_23 "The Best Funeral Best Service"

September 2016, 9 vol_1 `` part.22 talking with Nomura Keihide ''

September 2016, 8 vol_25 `` part.21 talking with Nomura Keihide ''

August 2016, 8 vol_18 `` Part.20 with Keihide Nomura ''

August 2016, 8 vol_11 `` Part.19 with Keihide Nomura ''

vol_10 "Region / town development starting from temples"

vol_09 “Use of IT during the earthquake”

vol_08 "Religious Activities After the Earthquake"

vol_07 “Kumamoto Earthquake_disapproval and problem behavior”

vol_06 "Recent Report_Story of Film"

vol_5 “Atarimae is wondering what is happening”


2016 / 04 / 25 vol_3 "Information Literacy and Society" by Time And Tide

April 2016, 04 vol_19 "Five years since the earthquake (part 2)"

April 2016, 04 vol_13 “Five years after the earthquake (Part 1)” reconstruction and handing down.