An image of the “Rahotsu” Buddha image! No way "Rahotsu knit cap" appeared from Felissimo

“Rahotsu knit cap” with the motif of the head of the Buddha statue “Rahotsu” will be coming soon from Felissimo. In addition, from 9 month 13 day, limited color will be sold at the museum shop of Tokyo National Museum.


One of the characteristics of the Buddha who opened up enlightenment, “Thirty-two Phases of Eighty Kinds”. “Ferissimo Oterabu” produced “Rahotsu Knit Cap” with this “Spiral” motif as a miscellaneous item that makes it easy to understand temple culture. The shape like a thread of hair is reproduced by knitting it into a shape in which pills overlap one another. Also, the upper part of the knit cap is a proof of enlightened wisdom “Nikukei”, and on both sides is a fuku-ear “Jirin Suijou” hanging to the shoulder.・ ・ ・ ・ [Continue here]