Ishin Kintai no Utaretsu

The characters who played an active part in the Meiji Restoration appear one after another across the “Shichikyochi” line.

Kogoro Katsura

Later Takashi Kido. Along with Takamori Saigo and Toshimichi Okubo, this is a Shoji Choshu who was called the three major restorations.

Yoshinosuke Saigo

Later Saigo Takamori. Satsuma Satoshi who joined the chief alliance with Ryoma Sakamoto as an intermediary and also played the bloodless castle of Edo Castle.

Ryoma Sakamoto

Established the chief alliance and became a leading figure in the repatriation of the great government. I was assassinated at mid-term.

Shintaro Nakaoka

Along with his hometown Ryoma Sakamoto, he sought to renovate.

Takasugi Shinsaku

I learned from Matsushita Village Cram School, and I am Choshi Choshu who was named together with Genzai Kusaka as the best of Yoshida Shoinmen.

Shoin Yoshida

Choshu Fuji. At Matsushita Village Juku in Sakai, we educated many talented talents such as Takasugi Sakusaku and Ito Hirofumi.

Ryotaro Yoshimura

I am Tosa who led Tengu-gumi and raised in Yamato.

Rabiki Saburo

A scholar, Yoroyama Yonoko, who was deeply worried about the country and gathered with his comrades and screamed the ban of Makuhari.

Umeda Unbin

He is a student of Wanhan, and with his virtue, he opened Hunan Juku and taught his children.

Hashimoto left inside

At Eiji Fukui, he studied Dutch studies and was well-versed in Western studies, so he recognized his talent and worked hard. Clothes are traveling.

Tadashi Konoe (Hiroshi Eda)

After becoming the left minister of Emperor Komei, he resigned from the office at the incident and entered the Buddhist gate. Here, Kanbaku's bandage is followed by the life and the Toneri.

Anne Kouji publicly known (with Anega Koujikin)

Along with Mitsumi Mitsumasa, he worked as a monarch. Here is the appearance of a coron in the morning.

Sanjo Sanetsumu

In the year of 1824 (Bunsei 7), he was appointed as the Minister of State in 1857 (Ansei 4). It was later enshrined as a festival deity at the Nashi Shrine. Here is a figure of straight clothes.

Nakayama Tadasu

Father of Meiji Emperor's mother. Although it was a big payoff, after resigning, he was ranked first in the appointed position of Junsuke (a job that directly supports the Emperor's administration). Here is a figure of Naomi Kono.

Kuniomi Hirano

Fukuoka Fuji. He ran as a sect and spread the theory of inversion, but failed in the Teradaya case and was imprisoned.