Jodo Sect Omotoyama Chionji Temple — Kyoto Prefecture / Jodo Sect

Pre-buddha wedding

One of the seven main monuments of the Jodo sect, known as the name of Hyakuen Hen, “Jodomune Ohtoyama Hyakuen Henchi-in Temple” is a teaching of the people of the capital who have opened the Jodo sect. The predecessor is Kamo no Kawaraya.
After the death of Honen Senjo, his disciple, Chionji Niseisei Kangen Genchijin, lived here after the death of his teacher, and built the Shojo Shrine. We named the temple “Chion Temple” to know about the favor.

● Eiyo-yodo, ossuary / cemetery purchase / pre-wedding wedding reception
● Seikeikai 15th of every month (25th of August only)
● Worship time 9am to 4:30 pm

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