Rinsoin — Tokyo / Jodo Sect

Rinsoin has “Toshimaen Amusement Park” in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, right next to it. Although she is a female priest, she protects the temple with 2 male monks. Spring and autumn equinox / bon festivals have statutes and stories from 11 AM and 2 PM. These bulletins are also available for non-danjin. Please join us if you like. Aiming for a large and warm family based on the policy of Hayashi-so-in, “The temple is the home of the ancestral family”.

Nerima-ku, Tokyo Nerima 4-26-22
Phone 03-3992-8868 FAX: 03-3992-8901
Incumbent Haruna Inaoka (27th generation)
Deputy priest Junjun Inaoka (while working at Zojoji Temple)