Under recruitment of temples for tree funeral management

Tree funeral


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With Chiba TV “Business Flash”AnchorageWas introduced.
AnchorageIs a good program to get you to know a piece of "What is your philosophy and how you are developing your business?"

The video of ↓↓ is about 30 minutes in full. Anchorage starts around 14 minutes (about 15 minutes). If you have time, I would like you to see the full story.

To temples and monks

Anchorage supports living with temples.

Anchorage Inc.As the temple's best partner
We support the creation of bonds between citizens and temples.
A Japanese temple that supports the rich spiritual culture of Japanese people.
That number is up to 77,000.
People visit the temple for various reasons,
Making life happier through encounters there-
We aim to help create such a society.

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Planning and sales support for the permanent graves

Temple management that requires increasingly difficult steering in an era when the number of dans is rapidly decreasing and the price of Buddha is accelerating.

Anchorage provides planning and sales support for eternal tombs that meet people's needs and know-how to sell them.

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We will help you solve problems in temple management

Buddhist memorial services, terakoya, festivals ... Temples were once at the center of people's lives.It was crowded with many people.People who smile, people who worry, people who seek, people who give.From the gathering of people, a new culture was born and a new life was born.
First of all, we're helping to make a temple where many people gather.

Examples held so far: Temple Yoga Class / Seikei / Shadow / Nenbutsu Experience Experience / Temporary Marriage Event / Seminar on Wills / Inheritance / Funeral Seminars, Grave Seminars / Invitation of NPOs Performing Cultural Activities / Organized by Foundations Attracting events

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