Zendozan Sojoji Temple (Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Eternity,Eigai Tomb,Ossuary

Soji Temple
Soji Temple

◆ Zendoyama Sousoji Temple is a historical temple founded in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, in 14 years (1545, Muromachi period).
A 5-minute walk from Odawara Station's West Exit, and a parking lot for worship.
In Toyama, we provide information on the Eiyogo Tomb, Eiyoi Retreat, and the sale of the ossuary.
You can apply for a permanent cemetery or eternity service regardless of sect or sect. For more information“Guide of the Eternal Tomb and Eternity Service”for more information.
The ossuary is an ostium for couples that can be used with peace of mind even for those who do not have an inheritance. For more information“Guidance of the ossuary”for more information.
Please feel free to contact Zenmichiyama Sojoji if you are looking for a permanent grave, eternity, or ossuary in Odawara. We accept admission at any time.

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