Painter FUYUKI

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1975 years. Go to Kyoto after graduating from high school.

After studying Japanese painting, he worked as a hand-painted Yuzen craftsman for 15 years.

While searching for traditional Japanese culture, traditional beauty and spirituality, and universality that should be preserved,

Evolve your own picture into a form suitable for modern life,

Currently working as a Kyoto town painter who provides designs for all genres of clothing, food, and shelter.

Before 2002 years After graduating from the Kyoto Art College, Department of Japanese Painting, he entered the hand-painted Yuzen dyeing workshop and studied Japanese culture and traditional techniques.

2003 Year Create and display hand-drawn T-shirts in line with friends opening flea markets.
But it doesn't sell at all. So, a fateful encounter with a hand-dyed store owner. A hand dyed meya asks me to draw a picture of a monster.

“Yokai T-shirt is born” T-shirts are sold via the hand-dyed store.

2005 Year Hand-drawn T-shirt demonstration at Platz Kintetsu. Hand-painted and hand-dyed coasters are exhibited at the exhibition of nokiro-art in Kyoto Daimaru.

The work submitted to the public offering of the event “Wacolne Award” sponsored by Wacoal Co., Ltd. received the “Tsura Prize”. Invited to the award ceremony in Tokyo (published as a special feature in the magazine “Soshin”)

2005 Fall Nokiro-art-produced Japanese-style dining bar “Wakura” Responsible for the production of the gold screen used for the interior of the B2 Taishin Sunset Building, Kita-nagasa-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.

2006 Years of 1 Mon 18-20 Sun-XNUMX The Kyoden brand “ZEN” exhibited at the International Fashion Fair was designed. As a Zen designer, I will be involved in the production of T-shirts.
Spring of 2006 German, Gestalten Publishing Company's 2007 calendar for the year [SKOOPY2007] Participation artist selected among 2 Japanese.

2006 summer, Germany, participated in Gestalten publication book “INTO THE NATURE”

2006 Fall Participation in German Gestalten publication book “POE-ILLUSTRAITED TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION”!

ONUMEN, a Japanese-style dining bar produced by nokiro-art in the winter of 2006 Okai, Fukushima-ku, Osaka City 1-15-32 Hanshin Leisure Building 1 Building 1F

Japanese youkai