First-class stone construction masonry technician Rie Imai

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Beautiful masonry of temples and shrines (general houses allowed)Value for moneyI will do it.

National business trips are possible.

"I have a handBring only toolsGo on. First of all,Search for stones available around your homeThe When necessary, such as heavy machinery and dump trucks, we negotiate with the rental company near the customer to build the process at the lowest possible cost and perform on-site construction. If the scale of the construction is large, I will search for a construction company near the customer or ask a construction company that is related to the customerConstruction as a craftsman only with masonryTo do. (Interview with Mr. Imai)

If you are interestedThe above siteOr at the bottom of this pageInquiry formPlease input more. (Since Imai is a craftsman, temple com connects on behalf of him.)

Weeping cherry trees in Shirakawa-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu

Construction example photo: Ishigaki of weeping cherry blossoms in Shirakawa-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu Prefecture, was entrusted to masonry Ryoe Imai in order to protect the roots of the cherry blossoms with the rough stones produced in the construction of the tea estates around this area in Heisei 15. (Nozazuzumi) method ".

Megalithic pileup

Miscellaneous miscellaneous accumulation

Site construction


The process of cracking stones (performed by one person)

This is a process of making a kenchishi from rough.

(Stone collection in the riverbank of Minamishinshu-Processing at the workshop)

* Since it is basically loaded by one person, it may not meet expectations for requests for quick delivery, but even if it takes a little longer, the cost will be reduced. (apparently)

* We will also carry out block loading for public works.

Stone processing work, stone work, masonry work
First-class stone construction masonry technician Rie Imai

Lives in Nagano

Certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare No. 12-1-150-21-0005First-class stone construction technician (stone masonry)

Gifu Prefecture Governor Certification No. 9963Vocational training instructor [Stone]

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