Add characters

Hide and show the sidebar

Cover with “photos on smartphone” or “homepage”

Hide what you are wearing and use it as a “normal silence camera”.

It is just a silent camera when the slider is lowered to the bottom.

Compare with slider

Import the photo and compare it with the one in front of you.

Enter a URL to view a web page

If you double-tap with one finger on the screen while in Web mode, the address bar for entering URL will be displayed at the top, so you can access it by entering the URL and tapping "Open".

Rotate a photo

Take a selfie (change lens direction)

Read the “QR code” and view the web page

Return to home screen

Display the sidebar and tap "Sara Camera Home" from "Bookmarks" to return to the home screen.

Shoot with "handwriting and graffiti".

The difference from normal processing software is that you can “shoot while writing” and “shoot after writing”.


Select a color, write it, and "shutter button"

Change the color of the sidebar

Video recording (using iPhone video capture)

* To record the actual situation of moving the slider, iOSScreen video capture functionPlease use.

(The past and present of Higashi-Oji Nioumon intersection in Kyoto city ↓↓↓)

Processing after pressing the shutter (Shared image sharing function)

• Captured image sharing function

Change transmittance with 3 finger swipe

Open with safari

You can open it in Safari from the icon displayed in the lower right when you hide the sidebar when viewing a web page.

return to previous page

Tap near the upper URL address bar to return to the previous page.

Register frequently viewed pages

SaraCameraThere is also a bookmark function.

Change the start page (home URL)

You can change the home URL in "Settings".