From now on, than telephones and postcards"Inquiries, consultations, and applications from the website are increasingly common."It will become.

* This is a service for "website operators (temples)".

Prevents contact oversight from the inquiry form on the homepage, so that people who do not use the Internet can understand that the inquiry arrivedFax transferIt is a service to do.
* Fax will not be sent to the person who filled out the form. It will be sent to the HP operator (temple).

Receive inquiries by fax from homepage (input form, etc.)

Is the application form or inquiry form checked by email? Slack notification?
Or a management system or WordPress (Flamingo) Are you using?

Of course, if you always use the Internet, such a form is enough,Someone who isn't seeing it via email or the internetEasy to read fax / styleIt is better to be able to check and respond immediatelyIsn't it?

You don't have to carry your smartphone with you or stick to your computer all day long.

Difference from "Send Email to Fax"

It is also possible to use the Internet fax service to transfer to that fax with the settings on the server side, but in that case, of course, some preparation (contract with the internet fax company) Is required. You can also prepare fax software to do this.

The difference isEasy and hassle freeabout it.

Difference from "email software ⇒ print from printer"

You can also use the method of "preparing an e-mail address dedicated to inquiries from the website and starting up the e-mail software and automatically printing what came to that e-mail address from the printer".

(XNUMX) You must keep your computer / printer on. (There is some resistance in leaving your computer on while you are away.)

(XNUMX) Only print format of mail software can be used. (Although you can also prepare html mail format)

There is a problem.

The difference isEasy and hassle freeabout it.

In this system,Inquiry form In addition to the usual "Inquiry automatic reply", we will perform "Automatic FAX to temple" on each form.

The form will be sent in a standard format unique to the temple, so you can use the fax as is as a business document (such as a reception slip).

Provided service name: (tentative name) form2Fax

Estimated cost: About 1,000 yen per month including communication costs (* It takes a little production cost to make a custom form)

If you are interested, please contact us.
It is possible in the specified free format. * For those who have poor print quality with FAX, you can send it as a PDF file as an attachment.

Contact ushereFrom (Temple Com / Sara Development Office)

Currently, the homepage has been created and your temple is

We will issue a dedicated form URL address, so you can use it by setting a link (button layout etc.) on your homepage.

To other industries

In addition to the inquiry form, simple forms such as delivery service, mail order site, company ordering form, etc. are available.

If you have a lot of faxes per day (several tens of faxes), we would like to request it from another system development company.